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    Connection Issue - Disconnecting right after "connecting"

    Hey guys,

    We switched to a new teamspeak server just a few days ago and I still have trouble even really connecting to the server.
    The weird thing is this: when I do a tracert it only shows 1 hop / when I ping it acts as if it's a LAN connection (1ms).
    I do not have any VM's installed nor do I have any proxy whatsoever.
    I can connect to every other teamspeak server but this one while my friends can actually connect to it.

    I tried every imaginable way (dns flush, ip renew, router reset, new drivers, router settings, etc.) but I can't fix it apparently.

    Ports: all standard

    Client: 3.0.19
    System: Win10 Pro x64, MOBO: G41M-FIDP, Intel E8400, NV GTS 450, Onboard Soundcard, TP-WN821N WLAN Stick/Onboard Ethernet
    Latest Drivers, did test the connection with the test servers

    Thanks for every bit of help!

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    You can connect to a server, but get disconnected after ~18 seconds/after minutes?
    We call this a timeout and this is a network problem there can be several reasons:
    *Your ping or packet loss to that server is to high.
    *Your firewall or security center does block the traffic to that server. Maybe your settings need to a change here?
    *Your router detects the traffic as spam or as an attack. Please check that there is nothing like this running.
    *You could try to disable such settings for testing or set your LAN Ip to DMZ (Remove DMZ after testing!!!!)
    *Maybe your W-Lan conenction is not that good? Try a Lan cable instead for testing.
    *The servers ping or packet loss is for your connection is to high.
    *The server does have more then 1 IP and the hoster did nothing yet, to bind one of his IP's to his server.

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