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    How to protect admin from public group?

    Hello, i would like to ask, if there is any way, to set needed power for adding admins too some group for everybody (like clantags)

    lets give example: i have 3 groups: Server Admin, Admin and Friend..

    i want Friend group members to be able to add other people to the Friend group and they would be able to add random strangers to Friend group.. so i would not have to be the one doing it all the time.. but no matter how i set it up, they are able to give the group to admins and server admins.. is there a way to set things up so admin wont be able to receive any group unless its from server admin?

    thanks guys

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    You could try setting their i_client_needed_permission_modify_power to the level that ServerAdmin has. I do not remember which it refers to currently but I recall one or more of the TS actual developers or staff here saying that they were going to make i_client_needed_permission_modify_power apply to both channel groups and server groups. If anything is going to solve your problem I think it would be that permission. It can be tricky to deal with.

    I requested the ability to have self-assigned-only server groups to resolve my own issue of people who are authorized to give themselves gaming icon groups but sometimes give them to anyone on the server, including myself as the serveradmin. All I can do is either take away the capability, make it serveradmin assigned only (which would drive me crazy with tons of requests all the time).

    Oh well, I hope your experiments with that permission help.

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