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    Relocate the overwolf icon to the furthest left

    I suggest that the overwolf icon, when someone is using overwolf (that appears near their server group icons) be relocated to the furthest left. When it is aligned to the right, it may mis-align server group icons that were assigned with a particular alignment in mind. Overwolf icon offsets this.

    Have a wonderful day :-)

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    Yes, please

    I have no problem with overwolf itself, but this Name:  JzVEPVe.png
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Size:  1.6 KB just looks ugly as hell.

    And because only a few people got Overwolf, it should be logically on the left side, since the right side is in every Ts3 client the "sort side" because it's the only side on which I can align server groups as admin.

    So I'm aligning always from "every user got one of these groups" (normal, guest, mod, admin) to "only a certain group" (clan, guild) to "only a few" (games, apps).

    is there any logical and rational reason why the teamspeak devs destroyed this, only available align method, for us server admins?

    And yes, I can disable it. For myself. But first, I want to see the icon, and second, it wont work for other users.
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    Why is Teamspeak still with overwolf no one uses it and its garbage (bloatware) lol..

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    The icon itself is quite pointless. If there were major community-like features in Overwolf that would make managing a team easier and the icon would display the username of the user (if that user wanted), that icon would make sense. But a simple "has overwolf" icon doesn't give you any information.

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