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    [request] Automaticly kick musicbot when alone im temorary channel

    On my TeamSpeak server, I have given certain users permissions to create their own temporary channels in one part of the server. In these channels users are allowed to use and move our music bot.

    Though a problem is often, that the people often forget to move the music bot when they leave the room. This results in the room being "Permanent" becauce the bot is still in the room

    I was wondering if there is a way to work around this? So whenever the musicbot is the last user in a temporary room, the room will delete anyways and kick it to the lobby?

    I dont really want to download a plugin or script, so if there is a solution without that would be great.

    Hope you can help me out
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    How should that work? A music bot is a normal TS3 client, it is not possible to detect, if a client is a music bot or a human.

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    You'd have to add a lua script or plugin to the music bot that would check whenever a client leaves their current channel, if there are still other clients present. If not then the bot would switch to the default (or any other predefined) channel, thus emptying the channel, which would cause the server to delete it (or rather normal deletion rules to apply).
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