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    My Android app quit connecting to my server - TSDNS Error

    Whatever this app is using for DNS refuses to connect to my server. I am forced to use both the IP and the Port since the app doesn't seem to be able to resolve the DNS regardless of whether I'm on wifi or data (I get TSDNS Error regardless of what network I'm connected to), and also cannot auto detect the port. I have verified with the TS Server hosts that everything is fine, and they were able to get me connected at least by giving me the IP and port to input manually. If I try to enter the IP by itself, the connection initialization fails and it still won't connect. Is there any way to allow the app to use its DNS and have it successfully see my server or am I just forced to use the IP and Port for anyone that wants to use the Android app?

    The Server I am trying to connect to is
    Android version: 7.0.
    Phone: Nexus 6P

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    DNS configuration is bogus. TSDNS is invalid (SRV pointing to CNAME) and points to However, SRV TS3 has a higher priority and points to

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