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    cant connect to only one server

    was able to connect fine last night to our guild server last cant connect today need help please getting a failed to conne ct error that no one else gets. i can connect on puplic server

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    My friend is having this exact same issue. He can connect to other servers just fine, but when he connects to my server we can see him on my end, but he sees nothing , and disconnects about 10 seconds later.

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    Hypr's Friend

    Mysticaly, do you happen to use ATT Uverse?

    I'm the friend Hyprdmg was talking about. I am able to connect to any other teamspeak servers, but I am unable to connect to his. I have:
    • Restarted Computer
    • Reinstalled Teamspeak
    • Rebooted my gateway
    • Opened a bunch of different ports other posts recommended
    • Flushed my DNS
    • Checked for update to Network Drivers

    Yet I am still unable to connect to him. The logs just show me connecting with no issue, but when I'm connected I only see one or two channels, and after a few seconds it disconnects completely.

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