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    Couldent Connect To Servers !

    Greetings I recently installed team speak 3 and and i couldent connect to any servers i try to run as admin or even reinstalling the programme and even disable firewall but it dosent seem to work ... i try more than one server including team speak official server but it dosent seems to work also could ping these servers on cmd but couldent connect to them from team speak 3 i have no antivirus so i dont think its the probleam .. Later i noticed later that i was able to connect just fine to these servers but randomly like sometimes i could connect and sometime i cant can anyone help me with this probleam please i was trying to fix the probleam for about 3 weeks now and i still couldent fix it Thank you
    ¨PS: using Windows 7 64bit
    Client 64-bit

    guys please i really want to use this programme someone help me out !
    alot of views but no reply
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