Hi everyone, first post for me I hope everyone is well.
I run the teamspeak server (teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64- on a debian dedicated server online about 2 days now it works great and congrats for the great effort and intelligence of the developers.

I would like to make a small request if it is indeed possible. The software states in the docs:
We use shared memory to facilitate the communication to detect other running instances, which requires tmpfs to be mounted at /dev/shm.
.. which is great idea to do so, but the filename it creates is completely randmon giving no indication to the sysadmin in order to whitelist it in scanner config files such as rkhunter. I consider it a very very small change, an addition of a prefix so that the file becomes something like this:
instead of:
Could that be pushed to the next update ? thanks again and congrats, thinking of getting some licenses at some point but no matter what, a random string filename is something that scares sysadmins like me.