Hello, would it be possible to add support for animated .gif (or .apng?) emoticons to actually be played in the chat window? I would love to add some moving icons to my TS3 skin I run on my server (where all people use this skin).

Since animated gifs already can be played in avatars and server banners, I think it would be a good addition if it also worked in the chat window.
Also having a slightly larger emoticon size limit would be great, 32x32 or 24x24 emoticons would be a nice addition. Especially when using larger font size in chat window, 16x16 emoticons are very small.

Lastly, while this was already denied as a feature about 3 year ago, maybe a reconsideration for this now on newer QT version would be possible - and that is server-wide emoticons. This would save lot effort for servers who run with custom skins (such as mine) where I basically need to send everyone the new skin once there is an update to emoticons etc, being able to roll this on the server side would be great for me and could allow me to roll out emoticon updates for different seasons (Halloween themed etc) without bothering all users to update to new emoticon pack. I understand if this feature is denied as it has already been denied in the past, and this post mainly focuses on the animated gifs and size for custom skins.

I love TS3 and prefer it in every way over applications such as discord (mainly because of the privacy benefits of running your own ts3 server and also voice quality and much better latency [on self maintained server]) and these changes would seal it for me even more as the customization of emoticons is about the only thing those applications do better.