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    fresh install using MariaDB with autoincrement value other than 1

    Hey, when i was trying to install fresh server with MariaDB i have noticed some issue with default ID's.

    My MariaDB auto_increment_increment is set to 2, and this make problems.

    when server creates database on first run and instert data (for example look on channel groups)
    we have 4 groups with ID's 1, 3, 5, 7 but the server always expects they are (will be) with ID's 1, 2, 3, 4
    so in this case the serwer will not start because there is no group with ID=4
    Also all other ID's are not that they ment to be.

    Maybe you can look on it in next versions and take care about auto increment other than 1

    2016-10-21 17:31:54.606989|CRITICAL|PermissionMgr | |SERVERINSTANCE_TEMPLATE_CHANNELDEFAULT_GROUP points to an not available cgid: 4

    MariaDB [ts3_new]> select * from groups_channel;
    | group_id | server_id | name | type | org_group_id |
    | 1 | 0 | Channel Admin | 0 | NULL |
    | 3 | 0 | Operator | 0 | NULL |
    | 5 | 0 | Voice | 0 | NULL |
    | 7 | 0 | Guest | 0 | NULL |

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    Why should auto_increment_increment be changed to 2?
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    the auto increment value is always +1 of the highest record that was in the table.
    As such the auto_increment_value being 1 on an empty database is to be expected.

    Not sure what other problems you're describing, but setting up a new server worked perfectly fine last time I checked.
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    auto_increment_increment is global DB setting (default config is set to 1)
    auto_increment_value is table specific value (and as default it starts from 1 (as auto_increment_offset is 1 by default))

    "the auto increment value is always +1 of the highest currently existing record"
    - no its not always "+1" it depends on auto_increment_increment and the value is incremented by: "+auto_increment_increment", and for clarity the value is not counted from "highest currently existing record" but the latest value is stored in table data.

    So the only problem in this case is when installing TS_serwer using database with other then default configuration.

    "Why should auto_increment_increment be changed to 2?"
    Please read about multi-master replication - its all about avoiding collisions on id's
    Do not rely on auto-increment values to be sequential. Galera uses a mechanism based on autoincrement increment to produce unique non-conflicting sequences, so on every single node the sequence will have gaps. See
    and some more description:

    I hope i wrote now more clearly about it.

    Maybe during TS installation make inserts with fixed id's and don't relay on database configuration with autoincrement.

    Anyway my workaround for this case was:
    1. install TS using other MariaDB serwer with default settings
    2. dump tables
    3. insert dumped data into destination database

    then all works fine

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