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    Server crash when old ipv6 client connects

    I just tried out the IPv6 functionality of teamspeak (I've been waiting for this )
    I noticed I needed the 3.0.20 client to use IPv6, so I got one here:

    When this client connects to the server, the server will crash with this message:
    2016-10-22 23:29:06.406259|CRITICAL|Client        |1  |Assertion "m_ClientDBID != 0" failed at ../../../../s/deps/teamspeak_common_lib/src/chanclients/client.cpp:245;
    Easy way to take down a TS server

    The 3.1 client seems to work fine though.

    I'm running the 64bit linux version of the server
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    I didn't have any problems with that.

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    Please download the right server package again.
    Then extract all files and folders.
    Stop your server.
    Now overwrite everything in your server folder with the extracted content.
    Start the ts3server binary.
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    Seems like something went wrong with the update process the first time.
    I've redone the update over a backed-up version and now it's rock solid again, no crash.

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