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    Clients Dropping Connection, No Cause In Logs

    Hey there,

    I'm having some issues with my Teamspeak Server (Version:, however the issue was present on also.) with users being disconnected continuously which is obviously not great. As far as I can tell it is not a network issue as far as connection to the server. Running a traceroute to users currently experiencing the problem from the VPS shows no issues despite them not being able to regain a stable connection to Teamspeak.

    Looking at both the user's logs and the server logs shows nothing other than the user disconnecting. No issues flagged at all on either side.

    I have a running theory on the cause of the issue which I have some proof of. It is hard to diagnose the issue though due to its irregularity. If the user count goes above say, 6 users the disconnects start to happen to any user seemingly at random, even people who have been on the server all day, in a completely different channel. This leads me to think it is either a setting on Teamspeak that is for some reason kicking people when the user count goes above a limit or some firewall setting. I have spent a fair amount of time looking for both but no luck.

    From what I can see the Teamspeak server settings are just fine and I don't see anything that could be causing this. It is not anti-flood from what I can tell as when the user count drops the issue goes away again and affected users are stable again.

    As for potential firewall issues, frankly I'm a rookie at this kind of thing but again, I have set all of the recommended iptables rules and made sure the ports are all open so this also doesn't exactly confirm the issue.

    I would also like to mention that I have had this Teamspeak server up for almost 4 months with no problems until this a few days ago. It is hosted on a VPS running Ubuntu 14.04.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and if any more information if required please let me know.

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    The problem is actually the connection from the client to the server. Please check if there are any attacks on your server while the problems occurred and check if there are any network problems on the part of the computer or the DDoS Protection.

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