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    windows Notifier plugin for API v20

    Hi everyone,

    I've made a plugin and decided to put it up here as well.
    The plugin will notifie you when someone joined the selected channel. It's a very basic plugin but it could be usefull for clans that have a "join" or "new member " channel.

    currently the plugin will poke you whenever someone joins the selected channel. One of the downsides of the current version is that you need to select the channel everytime you restart teamspeak but if anyone knows a solution feel free to comment.

    To use, download the plugin and save it in your plugins folder. Choose the 32 or 64 bit file depending on your teamspeak install.
    The plugins folder could be in you C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins folder or your appdata folder depending how installed it.

    If you installed teamspeak for user only your teamspeak will be in your appdata folder. To get to your appdata folder use Windows+R and type "%appdata%", you're now in the roaming folder, press "alt+up arrow" or the up arrow on explorer, go to "local" and "teamspeak 3 client" here you will find the plugins folder.

    After you "installed" it, (drag and drop) launch teamspeak and go to "Settings" -> "Plugins". Check the Notifier plugin and close the screen.
    If it doesnt show in the list try "reload all".

    Now you're good to go. just right click a channel and select the notifier option and select watch this channel.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You will now get poked everytime someone joins this channel.

    for suggestions or questions comment please.

    pardon my englisch grammar mistakes
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