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    iOS Hotkeys on Headphones

    Hello all,

    my church and I are looking for a headset solution for ts mobile. What we need is a system where we push a button on the headset and hold to speak; release and the mic cuts of.

    Voice activation won't work because we will be on while the band is playing. Our camera person will have their phone in their pocket, and needs to be able to talk to us without pulling out his phone or putting the camera down.

    The headsets we have do not seem to be working correctly. They have a slide switch to activate the mic, but it stays on reguardless, and TS is constantly throwing up spam alerts. Also TS still uses the built in mic instead of the headset mic.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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    I'm in a similar situation.
    It'd be great if I could use the inline controls on Apple's earpods to either push (and hold) to talk, or push once to mute/unmute the mic.

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    I would also find it useful to have PTT on the iPhone App.
    Is this something the developers at teamspeak are considering?

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    Yesh we need this..

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    hotkey on IOS app?

    as there are no keys as such on an I device, could the PTT button be allocated to mute mic toggle?

    Or could another button like the PTT button be created to allow Mic Mute operation?


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    feature request iOS mute via cable remote


    I hope some developers are reading this. I am using TS on my iOS device ~3-6hrs per day and it would be really nice if I could mute the microphone via the apple headset using the cable remote buttons.

    it is a great and stable app but please please bring in this feature. it is annoying to open the app slide to the right and search the mute button.

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    any feedback?

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    We do not plan to add this. We tried in the past but the result wasn't what we did expect.
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