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    SDK PTT Delay stops audio transmission though it shouldn't

    Test setup:
    Voice input set to use PTT with a PTT-delay of 3 seconds.
    A Plugin that has an Additional PTT Key Handler as described in the SDK docs.

    User presses his normal PTT key and then let's go again.
    While the PTT-delay is running the plugin calls
    ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsInt(scHandlerID, CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED, INPUT_ACTIVE)
    When the PTT-delay runs out the clients stops Transmitting although CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED is still set to INPUT_ACTIVE. So it should still be transmitting till the Plugin calls
    ts3client_setClientSelfVariableAsInt(scHandlerID, CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED, INPUT_DEACTIVATED).

    In my case the Plugins PTT is caused by a Radio thats used in a game. When player uses the Radio button In-game Sending in Teamspeak is enabled. And it should stay enabled till the button is let go. But when player has a high PTT delay and presses the Radio button shortly after letting his PTT go. To talk over Radio instead of Direct voice. That bug occurs
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