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    SDK dotnet Client Samples

    Working on a fresh install of VS2015, loaded and compiled the server with no problems. Ran fine. Built the client example (console application) and ran it with no problems... connected to the server, did the basics.. (although it was fun to note that the client allowed the attempt to delete the one existing default channel, and crashed... lol)

    Anyway, a console application is pretty useless in the dot net world. I added a form, changed the project type to a windows form application, and of course it died on the spot since I could not change the startup object to be the form... So I decided to create a new project, form application. Created a form, put a few buttons on it, saved it... I then added the existing Teamspeak.Sdk project to my project file... and in the main project solution file, the project dependencies have the Teamspeak.Sdk as being 'checked'.. (noting in the example file, the check box is greyed out in the check area, where as in my project, the checked checkbox is fully white (transparent?)..

    Anyway, I can't seem to get the windows form program to "see" that reference is there. In the main code page, I try to put in the "using Teamspeak.sdk" but get an error saying it can't find it.

    I am very used to Visual Studio 2005/2008 VB versions. Not done much in the C# side of things, and VS2015 IDE is vastly different...

    Any tips? Thanks kindly in advance


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    Error in sample code?

    I got my previous "problem" sorted out, sort of.. While the project and "client" properties had the reference to the Teamspeak.Sdk, apparently it also has to be added manually into the 'References' section of the solution explorer.. so many differences in the IDE to get used to. Anyway, in copying and pasting function code in between the example client console app and my new windows forms app, I came across this reference...
    private static void Initialize()
                LibraryParameters parameters = new LibraryParameters("../../../../ts3_sdk_3.0.3.2/bin/");
                parameters.UsedLogTypes = LogTypes.File | LogTypes.Console | LogTypes.Userlogging;
    Considering that this sample is in the "ts3_sdk_dotNet_0.1" why would the code point to the C++ bin and not the dot net bin?

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    Hi dbsDev,

    you can download a little example with windows forms here:

    Considering that this sample is in the "ts3_sdk_dotNet_0.1" why would the code point to the C++ bin and not the dot net bin?
    This is the location where the native TeamSpeak sdk files and the soundbackends folder can be found.

    We have four examples and for reason of filesize, we wont copy the files into every example.

    You can copy the files into your project and change the path in the code.

    If you need more informations, donīt hesitate to ask.

    Alex G.

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    Oh, I understand the reason for the bin folder.. There are 2 sdk downloads, one for the C++ platform (I think) and 1 for the dot net platform. Both SDK zip files have the same bin folder (which is as it should be). I was only pointing out that the dot net version of the example code files should point towards the dot net bin folder from the dot net zip file....

    I happened to grab both zip files, made a folder on the root of C: called "ts" and extracted the 2 zips into that folder. Had I not done that, I would have been faced with more compile errors. Just saying... it would save a headache for someone else that just grabs the dot net version.

    With that all said, I am "getting somewhere" now with my form project. Thanks kindly for the other sample link, I'll definitely grab that one and take a peek at it.

    One thing I did notice with the console app in the dot net folder... I did the "record wav" command.. said I was talking, not talking, talking.. it created the wav file... size varied depending on how long I talked for. But there was no audio in the file. If you have any hints on that, I'd appreciate it


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