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    Unwanted automatic mute of speakers when not talking after installing VoiceMeeter


    I stream my gaming sometimes and I've been trying to exclude TeamSpeak audio from stream audio sources to prevent my friends from hearing themselves talking in the stream. This can be achieved eg. with VoiceMeeter:

    The problem is that after installing VoiceMeeter and configuring it normally (according to general guides) TeamSpeak got troublematic. When I set "Speakers" as sound output in TeamSpeak, TS starts to mute the speakers on TS when I'm not talking (mic is not transmitting, using voice activation). This looks very odd logic to me and I can't disable it in any way.

    Shortly put: how to make TS use the speakers as its sound output WITHOUT the automatic mute of speakers when my mic is not transmitting? What even causes this kind of odd behaviour?

    PS. Running TS as administrator didn't help.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Afaik TeamSpeak doesn't ever mute the speakers on its own (except maybe when away, not sure rn). So you're either having some hotkey that does it, or another application is messing around with TeamSpeak.
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    When an input or output device is used by VoiceMeeter/Banana, it's reported as busy. You'll find that spammed in your log.
    While running this virtual audio device, you'll have to change your routing accordingly, so that applications run through the virtual one, and only VoiceMeeter uses the hardware one.
    For example, TS->"default device"->Windows Sound Setup Default Output:"Virtual", and in Banana routing that input to the Hardware out.
    Or, TS->Virtual-> and Banana routing that input to the Hardware out.

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