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    [Request] A lightweight AFK channel mover for use on a headless linux server

    I just want something simple that will move idle users to an AFK channel after a specified time. I know this question has been asked to death, but every answer I've found either simply links back to this forum index or suggests JTS3ServerMod. I don't need a web interface, I'd prefer that it not be developed in java, a simple ini file for configuration is all that is necessary. I'm aware of JTS3ServerMod; it appears to offer much more features and with those comes a lot of problems that I've read about in it's thread. I'd like to avoid that. It's very surprising that TS server does not have such a basic and popular function built in. So, does everyone just use JTS3ServerMod, or is there a better option?

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    Well, more than 10000 people use the JTS3ServerMod without any problems. And most of the reported problems are just wrong configured ini files or not reading the manual.

    Just give it a try and open the file config/server1/JTS3ServerMod_server.cfg and enable the IdleCheck function using the line:
    but_functions = IdleCheck:idle

    After you set this, just update the config file with:
    java -jar JTS3ServerMod.jar -updateconfig

    If this was running successfully, you have a simple JTS3ServerMod_server.cfg file, which only contains the needed configuration values, which can be changed by you.

    If this is done, just start the JTS3ServerMod as described in the manual.
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