I have some problems with PulseAudio and my Soundcard ([email protected] XTe with the ICE1724 Chip). When I start Teamspeak, my Soundcard input gets suspended within Pulse and spams systemlog with the following message:
pulseaudio[856]: E: [alsa-source-ICE1724] alsa-source.c: Failed to set hardware parameters: Device or resource busy
Also the CPU usage gets crazy and my SSD gets slowly filled with the log messages that add up to several Gigabytes.
To fix this problem I have to close Teamspeak, start pavucontrol, restart pulseaudio with pulseaudio -k and then I can start Teamspeak again, but only if I have pavucontrol open. If I don't have it running, the same thing happens.

I am running Arch Linux with the latest packages, but also got the same problem on my previous Debian installation.
I have more information on my post on the Arch Forums, but since it only happens with Teamspeak, I figured I will post a Question here as well. (Also it seems nobody has an idea why this happens or how to fix it)

-Rene Hollander