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    Help with showing Teamspeak Server channels / users in PHP (webpage)

    I went through other posts that seemed like duplicates but can't resolve my problem I am using the framework here and used the "11. Create a simple TSViewer for your Website" code from the documentation here trying to get it to work on my webpage.

    My code:
    PHP Code:
    // load framework files

    // connect to server, authenticate and spawn an object for the virtual server on port xxxx
    $ts3_VirtualServer TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://<my query login name>:<my query password>@<my ts3 server plain IP>:<query port>/?server_port=<main port>");

    // build and display HTML treeview using custom image paths (remote icons will be embedded using data URI sheme)
    echo $ts3_VirtualServer->getViewer(new TeamSpeak3_Viewer_Html("images/viewericons/""images/countryflags/""data:image")); 
    The error(s) that I receive trying to test my code:
    PHP Code:
    Warningstr_pad(): Padding string cannot be empty in A:\wamp64\www\heartfx\includes\libraries\TeamSpeak3\Helper\String.php on line 308
    str_pad(): Padding string cannot be empty in A:\wamp64\www\heartfx\includes\libraries\TeamSpeak3\Helper\String.php on line 308 
    and just to make sure I am using right directory here is how my directory(s) look:

    Name:  ee495be5bf.png
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