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    Help with assigning Server Groups

    Hello all,

    i decided to sign up because I cant find a single solution to my problem and ask about it here.

    I recently made a new server and this is how the server hierarchy works:
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________
    -Server admin (Me a.k.a the owner)

    -Admin (Less privileges but can ban, kick, create perm channels has power 50 for anything they can do)

    -Various game tags (example, Battlefield tag for people who play it, etc. have no power since its a misc. tag)

    -Member tag (To show membership and can assign any game tag to themselves, create temp channels and have power 25 )
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________

    Now everything is running smooth, server is super secure and cant be trolled or beat down, but my problem here is a permission issue.

    Since members can assign themselves gamer tags and cant assign themselves admins tags, when an admin tries to assign something for themselves or for members they cant (options are NOT grayed out and they still cant assign anything to themselves).

    I've tried messing around but to no avail. I don't know where the problem is stemming from, all Group_Member_Add_Power and Need_Group_Member_Add_Power and removes are the same.

    Its funny because it works with the basic member tag, but a user with just an admin tag or a user with both admin and member tags cant do it. ITS DRIVING ME NUTS! PLEAS SEND HELP!


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    If you don't want members to be able to add gamer tags remove their Group_Member_Add_Power

    For admins set Group_Member_Add_Power to 30 or above, because I found that no admin privileges work below a 30 integer, I'm not sure on this one if someone wants to intervene and correct me. But from what I've seen on my server thats the case.

    Heres a small diagram:

    Admin rank
    Group_Member_Add_Power 30
    Need_Group_Member_Add_Power 75 (server admin)

    Member rank
    Group_Member_Add_Power remove permission. or put it at 10 if you want members to add gamer tags
    Need_Group_Member_Add_Power 30 (admins can add users to this rank)

    Gamer tags
    Group_Member_Add_Power remove permission.
    Need_Group_Member_Add_Power 10

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