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    building, compiling on linux


    I have downloaded the zip sdk to my linux server, and what i have to do to run a linux sdk server ?
    Normaly i make compilation with ./configure and make. but not have inside this zip.

    How i deal with this .
    My server is centos 5
    Thank you

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    The SDK is not an application, it's just the SDK which you use to create your own software. There is no software or program here - just a bunch of headers and libraries (along with some files and documentation) that you can use to integrate TeamSpeak voice technology into your own applications (that you obviously need to code first).
    There is example code that can be compiled though.
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    Hi elixcyr,

    you can compile the make files with make -f Makefile.linux_amd64 or Makefile.linux_x86.
    (...ts3_sdk_3.0.3.2\ts3_sdk_3.0.3.2\examples\serve r)


    Alex G.

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