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Thread: Get server ip

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    Get server ip

    As the title says. Is there some way to get a server's IP (and Port) of an open connection? I found this function
    unsigned int (*getServerConnectInfo)(uint64 scHandlerID, char* host, unsigned short* port, char* password, size_t maxLen);
    but it returns ERROR_undefined everytime I try use it so it'd be nice to have a short explaination on how to use it. Oh, is this even the right function?

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    		char pw[INFODATA_BUFSIZE] ={ '\0' };
    		char cHost[INFODATA_BUFSIZE] = { '\0' };
    		unsigned short port = 0;
    		auto err = ERROR_not_implemented;
    		if ((err = ts3.getServerConnectInfo(serverConnectionHandlerID, cHost, &port, pw, INFODATA_BUFSIZE)) == ERROR_ok) {
    			// do something with the information
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