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    BT mic. does witch and other hear notifications


    im using an Honor 8 Smartphone with Android Vers. 6.0 EMUI 4.1 Kernel-Version 3.10.94 (NOT ROOTED)
    The problem is that all notification tones from the Smartphone, plays in the TS3 channel when im right now are talking in this.

    Phone is connected to the cars BT handsfree and im talking though it with the TS3 client app for Android Vers. 3.0.23
    When then a message comes in (WhatsApp, Telegram, mail what ever) and the notification tone begins to play just at the time when im talking in the channel, (important, you must talk in the channel at this time) then the TS3 app switch from BT mic. to the phone mic. and the notification tone plays in the channel that you just are talking in. The other users can hear my modulation and the notification sound in the TS3 channel. Im not hearing that tone at this time, for me it is quiet. No output on the handsfree speakers in the car.

    Now you wondering how i can say that the app is switching the mic.?? The other clients in the channel says that when a message comes in that they can hear that it switch between the BT mic. and the phone mic.
    The phone mic. has a much better modulation.

    Is that a known issue??

    Greeting from Sweden
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    A known issue an unfixed bug is that the the wrong microphone is selected when you use Bluetooth.
    But I never heard of switching microphones while Bluetooth is connected and sound from other applications is played.

    Have you tried different record settings under Audio settings in already?
    Is Hands free also enabled in Settings?
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    Hallo dante696,

    i just tested the audio settings rec.

    On default is the issue
    On Mic the same issue
    On Voice Communication, if there is an incoming message no more sound will be played in the channel, now it comes through the phones speaker but the app still switch between car BT mic. and phone mic.

    Is it possible that i can set the mic. settings so that i just use the phone mic. for talking with car handsfree BT and hear TS via handsfree speaker??

    BTW: Hands free is enabled, if it is disabled no voice and mic. runs through the car handsfree BT i tested it also.


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