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    Mic perfectly fine in Audacity, bad in Teamspeak!

    Hey there,

    I have got a Samson USB Go Mic yesterday and I have the following problem: If I go into Audacity or just listen to myself via the 3.5mm headphone jack, the sound is extremely clear. However, the mic just doesn't sound good at all in TeamSpeak and I do not know why. I have already tried multiple things like adjusting the settings in Teamspeak but it doesn't work.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Depends on how bad, it might not be an actual misconfiguration.
    The local capture test you're probably using to test this includes all the signal chain in the playback - activated effects (AGC, AEC etc.) plus opus encoding at quality level 7 (10 for TS 3.1). Hence, what is to be expected with client 3.0.19 at least is that you'll be losing a certain amount of crispness in the heights for example as that clearness is the first thing getting lost with lower encoder quality settings and things sound more telephone-ish. It's more noticeable with better mics, as cheaper ones don't have those heights in the first place resulting in less of a perceived difference.
    Try disabling all dsp you don't need (e.g. in case of wearing headphones turn off echo cancelation) - note things only take effect after hitting the apply button.
    If you want to compare on client 3.0.19, you can connect to your server in two tabs (if server permission granted), set a channel to quality 10, mute input on one tab so there's no double input. That should sound quite better, closer to audacity (it's still lossy compression, there is some loss by design) than to the local test mode.
    Client 3.1 doesn't require this anymore as the local test mode is set to use quality 10, the effects are still computed in though.

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