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    Cannot delete nor upload an avatar.

    Hello strangers,

    Recently on oure TS ( I do not own it ) we cannot delete nor upload avatars. According to the logs no one changed a thing. Only the people with ''server admin'' server group only can remove or delete them, even when another group is assigned while still having ''Server admin'' blocks it. Meaning if you have any other server group assigned beside ''Server admin'', it won't work anymore. We get the message ''Failed to delete avatar on server'' and ''Transfer "avatar" reports: (invalid file path)''

    My question is what is causing this problem or what Premission needs to be enabled to fix this.'I know my way around setting things up but I can't seem to figure this out myself.

    If needed I can provide screenshots, text and ect. Hope you can help me out.



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    I have bad news for you

    There is nothing you can do, when you have no access to the machine.
    Someone deleted the folder or changed the permissions on the machine.

    You must talk to the owner.
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