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    Event when client uses ptt key

    What would be the best way for a plugin to know when the user presses or releases his PTT Key? And by that I really mean the PTT Key, not just the talking flag.

    Some background: My soundboard plugin sets the talk state to continous transmission when the users plays a sound. If he then uses the PTT Key while a sound is playing, Teamspeak resets the talk state to PTT and the transmission stops as soon as the user releases the ptt key. I need to reset the talk state to continous transmission when the ptt key is released while a sound is playing.

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    The easiest thing would probably be to have the user create a hotkey with "onRelease" using the PTT key.
    Can utilize requestHotkeyInputDialog and getHotkeyFromKeyword to make sure it's an on release hotkey and to check if it already exists.
    Then do what you need to in the relevant event function.

    Only other way I could think of would be to try and detect key presses on your own and then do things, all while being careful not to mess with the client's operation.
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