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    I can not install plugins. Please Help :(

    When I try to run the installer this opens, I do not know how to fix it, please help. :( (Image)

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    Select the package_inst.exe from folder where TeamSpeak is installed.
    Or start and run the client installer again.
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    or simply go into the folder where you installed the TeamSpeak Client and run createfileassoc.exe as admin once. That should fix it.
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    Issue with Opening .ts3_plugin or skin files


    So recently I've been trying to install some skins/plugins for my TS3, however they have not been working for me as it ends up showing me a windows message about what to open the file with. I'm quite confused on what to do here. My windows version is Windows 10 Home if that matters at all.

    Version: [Stable] on Windows

    Here's the message that shows up whenever I try to open one of these files:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	8hNsEYy.png 
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ID:	14691

    Here is all of my specifications here:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XUWZrdw.png 
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Size:	108.6 KB 
ID:	14690

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    Thanks everyone, it worked.

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