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    [BUG] When reaching 44 teamspeak-server bookmarks, favorites list will open weird.

    I have Teamspeak 3 on the right side on my right monitor (1680x1050). When I click bookmarks, the dropdown list opens on the right side of my mainscreen (1080p) instead of the teamspeak 3 screen (1050p). Every 2nd time it works fine, but after 1 time it changes again.

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    This is not a fixed number. It's just the number of bookmarks that would cause a new column.
    However, I can confirm this bug. I have a TeamSpeak screen left of my main screen.

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    I'd say that's Windows handling of menus, there isn't anything special about the bookmarks menu. You'll most likely get the same effect with other menus that get longer than what fits on the screen. If it's any different in other applications it's probably an issue with Qt.
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