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    Drop the API updates, fix the GUI! No users = pointless API

    I'm a long time TS user, I run a TS server, I push anyone I can to use TS, but nowadays it's a losing battle. The TS3 client is clearly from the 1990's and hasn't been updated since then.

    TS3 vs the modern era:
    - No image preview in chat
    - No hi-res icons support (16x16 max, are you kidding me?)
    - No high-DPI support at all (try TS3 on a 4K screen.. bring your magnifying glass)
    - Still the same pointless blue icon next to everyone instead of a profile pic
    - Still the same old dual-pane interface instead of a modern, seamless one
    - No font options
    - Customizing TTS requires a text editor.. is in-line editing that hard? Is a check box to enable/disable specific TTS options that hard?
    - No modern skins, likely because of the 1990's base GUI
    - No native Windows 10 app (which, let's face it, casual users use)
    - No support
    - Overlay add-on is awful, so awful I don't even use it.. and I really want an overlay.
    - The so-called "friends list" is utterly useless. You can't even invite a friend to a server without, paradoxically, joining the same server!

    Is this app written in VB or Delphi? I can't imagine why, after more than two decades, the GUI is still this bad.

    Stop adding to the API! In just a few years, nobody is going to be using TS anymore, and the most brilliant API in the universe will not help if nobody is here to make use of it.

    Until the GUI isn't a throwback to the original IBM PC, the only thing which will save TeamSpeak will be a massive GUI overhaul.

    If you want to save on manpower and still focus on the API, then Open Source the Client, so people can modernize it themselves! Because until you fix the GUI, you're simply rearranging chairs on the Titanic.
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