Hello everyone.

In this moment I'm trying to create one specific thing, something like channel bot. It should accept a command from chat and after that do some action.
I'm doing it next way - I'm connecting to server, waiting for event "onTextMessage" and try to catch it.
But I want to catch messages only from one specific channel. Is it possible to define it in connection query string?

I'm trying to connect this way
PHP Code:
serverquery://serveradmin:[email protected]:XXXX/?server_port=10000&blocking=0&channel_id=304(the service channel that I created) 
I defined specific channel, but it not working, I can now catch messages only from default channel, and after that script throws exception "Invalid ClientID"
If I not define "channel_id" parameter, script not falling, but still can catch message only from "default" channel. What I'm doing wrong?