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    TeamSpeak 3.1 crashes when opening TeamViewer

    Sometimes i open teamviewer then re-open ts3 (it's in tray menu) and it crashes (not responding) please fix this stupid bug

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    It's Teamviewers Quick connect feature hooking in into our client.
    This triggers a crash our developers can't solve.
    Just turn this feature off.

    I already wrote a bugreport via mail to Teamviewer but this was not solved yet.

    Original report:
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    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Another weird thing about teamviewer: anything i type to teamspeak client with teamviewer becomes just 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' for some reason

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    Client freeze when Teamviewer starts

    hey, when i updated to 3.1, my TS client started freezeing when i launch Teamviewer, i think it is some problem with Teamviewer "overlay" which is trying hook on nearly every process with window....., however this problem started when i updated TS to 3.1, now i have 3.1.1 and problem still lasts, so im writing here first instead of Teamviewer support
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    TeamViewer makes TeamSpeak3 client unresponsive

    TeamViewer version 12.0.72365 (Dec 15 2016), TS3 client

    When I have the client loaded, talking with friends, then use TV... the client screen goes "not responding", but communications still continue. Close out TV, and I have to task manager terminate the TS3 client. I have run both together many times before, using previous versions of the client, same version of TV...

    Just saying.
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