I am attemping to write an application to poke certain users on my teamspeak with serverquery.
Everything is working well, but for some reason serverquery cannot poke certain clients. They are just simply not recieving the notification.
I am getting it, as well as many other users are, but there are some that aren't.

I've tried testing from telnet connection using the following commands

PHP Code:
//Open connection with server query

login serveradmin password

clientpoke clid
=4  msg=Test Message 
If clid is one of those clients that doesn't recieve pokes, it won't recieve one. If its myself or other users, they recieve it just fine.

I have ensured we are on the newest ts3 version, as well as we are all running the exact same teamspeak verison. As well I believe they have poke notifications on, because I can poke them with no problem on my normal windows client.

I've tried the basic trouble shooting steps, (restarting everything). Any ideas?