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    reaction to spam via query

    Hi guys and gals this is Darkbolt here. Some of you maybe aware of the issues on December 26th 2016 in where servers were getting this message "Server: Host is changing domain new address click here(offending address)" Well we took him down yesterday and put a stop to him rather quickly! your welcome! also thanks to ts3 support for acting quickly.

    There has been a new development on this issue as we are watching him and his domains and basically ALL of his online activity. We have his whole families facebook/youtube channel/phone number/all of his domains and a mountain of info (you get the point)! Today this person has launched a NEW ts3 server (we suspect he has more then one) with illegal license (looks like hacked NPL) I have contacted ts3 support with this new info and i am waiting for their response. If you as server owners encounter any more "guest query hijacks" that either create channels or point to a server with false warnings of host changes or the like PLEASE post it here as I/we will be monitoring this thread for the remainder of this day. From this past day we have gathered SO MUCH info on this person and frankly have gotten very good at this. If the devs are reading this once support phones me back ill provide their illegal ts3 server info on the phone and will not do so in a public forum.

    NOTE: It is important to tell you the info we are looking for if such a thing happens again,

    #1- Offending ts3 server address
    #2- Details of the attacks in regards to what they send in the way of text and or spamming channels ect ect..

    Thanks to my German friends who have been helping and providing alot of good info (you know who you are) @ AWG group we fight jerks/trolls/hackers. NO remorse NO mercy! Helping people is what we do cheers folks

    Darkbolt AWG lead admin
    Last edited by dante696; December 27th, 2016 at 11:02 PM. Reason: Witchhunts are nothing for this tech forum and we don't support anything illegal :/

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    reaction to spam via query

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Just do as post 1 tells you.
    This is starting to get worst as time goes by.. Now people can have cracked servers without getting blacklisted, now these kind of advertise. And here we are the retards paying money for licenses while some make money of the cracked licenses with no action from teamspeak3 on this matter, this has been going on for more then a year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    ...personal hunts against these users will be removed from this thread.
    Why? Are you afraid that someone will find that one of the forum "TeamSpeak Team" members is behind kingts3 and freets3? We have rights to know who is responsible for that spam and also illegal way of advertising.
    If someone exploit this ts website/forum and place advertisements for another voip software, would you allow it? No, you wont.
    So don't mark this topic as solved because it's not. Any changes on iptables, firewall and any kind of server modifications including ts3 software modifications is not solution to fix your bug.
    Last edited by dante696; December 29th, 2016 at 03:30 PM. Reason: 1. it's no big. 2. it's not us 3. we are a tech forum 4. We did not suggest to change anything in your firewall or system.

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