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    Cant kick serverquery bots


    Today, a few server query bots joinedmy server, and has for a few straight ours changed their nickname a few times every second (I belive it's a script containing a while(true) loop).

    I have tried to kick the bot(s) (they are from the same machine and IP, so if I kick one, I kick all of them), I have even tried with YaTQA, but nothing is working.

    What can I do, to kick them?

    I will also say, that I have added the IP adress to blacklist, but they are still not getting kicked (I belive that the server would need to be restarted first, because the bots are already connected).


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    The blacklist prevents target IP from connecting only.

    Only clients can get kicked or banned. The Query must disconnect or you must shutdown the server instance once.
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    Or impose a firewall rule with source-ip and dport 10011 than that user will vanish the moment you hit <enter> on adding the rule.

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