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    (TS)DNS Failing after client 3.1

    Staff Edit / Note:
    • Much network related code has been improved when implementing IPv6 support. As a result the TeamSpeak Client now rejects most invalid SRV records. While some invalid SRV records were previously accepted and would work, this is no longer the case. Please see RFC2782 for proper SRV records.
    • Additionally, TSDNS servers are now required to return IP address(es). This was always the only supported configuration (and the only intended one), however old clients also accepted domain name strings which the new client will not anymore as a result of improving the network code while implementing IPv6.

    Most notable misconfigurations that previously may have worked, but will not work / be accepted by client 3.1.0 and newer:
    • SRV records that have an IP address as target (Invalid as per the RFC)
    • TSDNS servers returning strings that are not an IP address (never officially supported, now rejected).

    When receiving a warning regarding an unsupported configuration upon connect it means that the domain you're connecting to is missing an SRV record.

    Original post after the line:

    Hi All,

    I took the plunge and upgraded to 3.1 Beta before my clan to see if everything was working correctly, and it seems since I've updated DNS resolution still works but the client fails to connect because it cannot resolve a TSDNS record.

    Do I need to set this up on my box? Because when not using the beta client I can connect via DNS just fine.

    Click image for larger version. 

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