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    Getting audio feedback from TeamSpeak

    So I am having an issue where any time I connect to TeamSpeak I get this high-pitched ringing sound from my headset. It only happens when I join TeamSpeak; it doesn't happen when playing games or listening to music or anything else. I'm not quite sure what would cause this or really how to go about solving it.

    I am running Windows 10, 64bit. I am using a Logitech G35 headest. All my drivers and whatnot should be up to date though if this sounds like a driver problem I am definitely open to suggestions.

    Anyways if I need to provide more information or anyone has some suggestions or ideas about this issue please let me know! Thanks in advance for any potential help.

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    Hi gamingfr3ak,
    for all I can tell, this is an issue with the G35 with all VoIP applications as it appears when both playback as well as the microphone is active. That's why it's not noticeable when listening to music and such.
    Unfortunately I don't have official information on that, but "word on the internet" is, that devices with id 'ML943' and below are affected by this.
    While this indicates a problem with the devices themselves, other than that I would have tried if any of the sound effects provided by logitech cause this.
    You'd find those in the windows sound device manager -> select device -> properties -> enhancements. Note that capture effects might be interfering too, not only playback ones. That and settings in the logitech software. Least likely option, in TS go to capture and playback options and disable all effects, and try different upmixing modes (e.g. mono-to-stereo).
    However, if it's in the device itself, like the initial mentioning, you're out of luck - I'd RMA it if possible.

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    Okay, thanks for the info! It at least gives me a few things to try and provides me with a possible answer. I've been thinking about investing in a new headset recently anyway, so if it is the product itself that is causing the issue then perhaps it is time for me to get a new one.

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