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    Channel Power Editing.

    Hello all,

    I have had this massive issue for some time now & I thought I had fixed the issue but no.

    The question I have is:-
    1) if you have an access permission of 60 can you edit a rooms permissions powers?
    I.E. I create a room I would like only a certain level to join my room (none Guests) should I be able to edit this room.

    the reason for this is I am a server admin and the way I read this permission
    This value defines the channel permission modify power. When trying to add or change a channel permission, this value is compared to the grant or modify permission of the target permission. If this value is equal or higher than required, the operation will succeed.

    the above reads to me as if the room permission tab => powers (Join, Subscribe, Desc: View, Modify & Delete as well with file transfer powers).
    with a channel, permission modify powers of 60 & it's set to 0 cause I have added anything in yet once I have created a channel I should be allowed to edit it right.

    what my issue is, is that only I being a server admin can edit channel modify for room powers not anyone else I want to edit.
    even when i make them a channel admin with level 75 (server admin) for channel modify.

    any help or advice on channel power editing would be great thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYDStealthy View Post
    The question I have is:-
    1) if you have an access permission of 60 can you edit a rooms permissions powers?
    I.E. I create a room I would like only a certain level to join my room (none Guests) should I be able to edit this room.
    Hey stealthy,

    normal users can't edit your channel only with the access permission.
    People need the permission b_virtualserver_channel_permission_list only to display the channel permissions. Beside that, they need the permission i_channel_modify_power which value is adjusted with the "Change-Permission" on the channel to perform any changes on the channel.

    If you want, that only server admins can change the channel permissions, I recommend to set the needed "Change-Permission" to 75. Give the channel admin the permission value of 74 or something under 75.
    If you are the server admin, you should have the i_channel_modify_power on value 75 already. So only the server admin(s) can edit this channel now,

    I don't think that the channel admins often have to change the channel permissions. They can still edit the channel (add a description, change the name if allowed), but they simply can't change the permissions of the channel if you set it like I said.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Hathion,

    Thank you for your reply & input.

    If I read what you wrote correctly it says that, if I grant channel to modify channel of 60 and an admin has modified powers of 60 this should grant them access to modify permission powers of that channel?

    that isn't happening, the only way I can make people that I want to fully control rooms are server admins + granting channel admins with modifying powers of 75 to modify powers & allowing adding of icons to rooms.

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    I have solved this issue with granting a non-server admin access to change all channel permission including the permissions tab of a room. which allows them to change "join power" & so on.

    Recapping my issue in case I didn't make myself clear above is I want to allow certain server groups to create their own channel, but also be able to manage that channel themselves being non-server admins. which they can do, but not the permission TAB & that was the issue.

    The solution was if they created a channel then channel admin permissions were granted, but I lowered all channel admin permissions to the lowest level of sever group permission that could create a channel with the exceptions of the following permissions:-
    i_channel_permission_modify_power (value = 75 Grant = 75)
    i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power (value = 75 Grant = 75)
    i_permission_modify_power (value = 75 Grant = 75)

    The above allows the person who isn't a server admin to have full access to the room which they have created with channel admin but limiting the permission to the maximum of the allocated server group permission.

    I hope the above makes sense as writting is a massive weakness for me.

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