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    [Request] Recording select channel(s)


    I 2IC an online gaming community, and I wish to be able to record our helpdesk channels for QA purposes with our staff.

    I considered having our staff record and upload themselves, and while that is an option, it is not desirable, as there is nothing to prevent them just not uploading or editing a clip before upload.

    I understand that it is not possible to "invisibly" record a channel (as most requests seem to be about), however I was wondering if there is another way of doing it...

    Would it be possible to have an "automated" user (so an actual user account, with it's own permissions and everything, but not with an actual person using it) join a channel, and automatically record while people are in the channel, and stop recording when users leave the channel.

    This would mean that any conversations done while people are in the channel will be recorded, while everyone will know they are being recorded due to the visible user in the channel doing the recording (same as any other user pressing "record").

    Ideally, I'd be able to have the server connect the psudo-user to every helpdesk channel (so about 4-5 connections), and record those as needed. As well as automatically reconnecting if disconnected.

    I'm honestly really inexperienced with using ts bots and automated-controlled users, so I might be missing something really obvious here...
    if anyone has any suggestions or could help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Basically the TLDR end goal: recording all conversation inside our 4-5 helpdesk channels. Can be recorded using any means whatsoever (even by an actual user account the server owns)... but ideally the recording should be done by the server and not by a community member or staff member.

    We run on a windows dedicated server btw.
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