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    block other admins from joining specific channel

    Hello so the problem that i am having is that i have my personal room (and as a owner of the server i have the highest power) and 1 of my mates has the same group as me .So i was wondering is there any way to block him from accesing my room so that only I can join and move people to my room.

    P.S. the group that both of us are in is called owner and as you can see it is givven the power 75 on all the premissions

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    normally you could create a Channel-Ban Channelgroup, but I think your admin-group has a skip flag, that makes a channel-ban useless.

    Do you have access to the server-query? Put the i_channel_join_power of your client (client permissions) to 76 and set the i_channel_needed_join_power of your personal channel to 76. I think this would be a good way.
    The owner-group has a join power of 75 and a owner needs a power of 76, so he can't join. The thing is, that client permissions overwrite the server-group permissions, that means that you are allowed to the channel.

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    There is a much easier way. If you open the Channel Client Permissions on him and select the Channel you do not want him to be able to join, and set following permissions:
    i_channel_join_power -1
    i_channel_delete_power -1
    i_channel_permission_modify_power -1
    i_channel_modify_power -1
    He wont be able to directly join in your channel.
    This overrides every permission set on him, but due to the nature of serveradmin permissions, he will be able to get around this little trick with a bit of work.

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