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    Server worked, internet went down then error with ts3db_sqlite3.dll


    This is my first time posting here, but lets get to the issue.

    My server worked perfectly until my network went down due to some issues with my router, replugged my internet cable and the internet worked. However after that the TS3 server went down as soon as I opened it with the .exe.

    I know that it worked before so why should it not work now? I have not configured anything between the internet going down and when the internet was up again.

    In the server log that ends with 1th is my main server which I have run the server on almost all the time.

    And in the server log that ends with 2th is from my personal computer which also couldn't load the datebase plugin.

    One more key point to this issue. I have made backups throughout the year and years before, and I know for a fact this issue has never occurred before. But when I copy my older backups I get the same ERROR. HOW? If it truly is something wrong with sqlite3.dll then shouldn't my older backups have no problem if this is a recent problem?

    I don't remember what build the server had before I reinstalled but the same issue is with win32-
    My server is running Windows 7 32-bit system

    I have reinstalled the ts3 server after that and nothing helped.
    I have restarted the server.
    I have tried to copy the server files that have my config to my personal computer but nothing helps.

    How can I fix this?

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    You didn't properly update your server, or are starting the wrong binary. The correct binary to start is ts3server.exe (without operating system suffix).
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