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    Server asked for newer client version

    Strange thing happened yesterday :P
    My server has dropped my connection. When I tried reconnect to server Warning pop-up has appeared:
    This server requires a newer client version. Please update bla bla...
    When I chose Yes TS telling me that I have latest version.

    My server version is:
    Long time ago I've changed virtualserver_min_client_version to 1461588969 but everything worked perfectly until yesterday.
    Users with client version can connect without problems.
    I can connect to other server without this pop-up problem, but I don't know virtualserver_min_client_version of this server because it is not my server.

    Edit 1:
    Same error on my Android client version 3.0.23 .

    Edit 2:
    I can connect to copy of my server without problem.

    Edit 3:
    I rebooted my modem, router and PC and now everything works.

    But why this happened?
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    Someone temporarily misconfigured his server and fixed it now.

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    Not possible. I connected to my server via query to check minimal version and nothing was changed.
    And as I said I was able connect to copy of my server with the same settings.

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    I could imagine that the value for the min client version got send but the value was broken due connection problems.
    But I don't have any other explanation for this.
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    Very strange thing. I am using TS since TS2 and had this problem first time. I thinks this topic could be closed.

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