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    packaged lua plugin script don't show up as plugin with client 3.1

    I made a lua script for the official lua plugin, and now I'd like to make a <package name>.ts3_plugin from it to use the package installer of the Teamspeak client. I made this package:

    Name = Lua dice plugin
    Type = plugin
    Author = [email protected]
    Version = 2
    Platforms   = win32, win64, linux_x86, linux_amd64, mac
    Description = "Dice module for the lua plugin. Roll the dice for your D&D game in Teamspeak! LUA plugin required."
    Package contents:
    D:\...eamspeak\Plugins\Alexanders dice lua plugin>unzip -v dice_lua.ts3_plugin
    Archive:  dice_lua.ts3_plugin
     Length   Method    Size  Cmpr    Date    Time   CRC-32   Name
    --------  ------  ------- ---- ---------- ----- --------  ----
         258  Defl:N      193  25% 11.01.2017 16:00 3103877e  package.ini
       13726  Defl:N     4181  70% 11.01.2017 15:21 27cb3885  plugins/lua_plugin/dice/events.lua
         598  Defl:N      268  55% 11.01.2017 15:21 b1f40cc4  plugins/lua_plugin/dice/init.lua
    --------          -------  ---                            -------
       14582             4642  68%                            3 files
    This package gets installed fine and the above dice plugin works fine, and the package gets registered in the addons.ini of the Teamspeak client.

    The problem: it doesn't show up as plugin in the Teamspeak client GUI, so it cannot be managed/uninstalled from there. Are there any plans to support this kind of client addon?

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    Apparently that was somehow overlooked, thanks.
    We will have to discuss and think about how we would like to manage scripts for plugins such as the LUA plugin.

    For now these will have to be "uninstalled" the old fashioned way by simply deleting the files. It shouldn't break anything.
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    Unfortunately, it's currently also not possible to upload these lua modules as plugin to myteamspeak.

    If I declare it at addon creation as type "plugin", the website doesn't let me upload the package. It seems to try to validate the plugin api (21), doesn't find any binary in my lua scripts and refuses the upload. The other plugin types are not viable.
    In the Teamspeak client, the plugin installs and works fine.

    If you want to check the lua module I want to upload, here it is:

    It would be nice, if you enable uploads of lua modules.

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    To make those "plugins" installable, there needs to be some sort of dependency system within the addons system.

    Installing your "plugin" without having the lua plugin, makes no sense. "Not that experienced users" for example will expect your dice roller working with the installation.

    On the other hand, you have to make sure, that these addon-addons (like a lua script) can't mess up the main plugin (overwriting files, etc.) because they'll live in the same directory (at least the lua plugin and its scripts do).

    In the end, it's a lot of effort for the lua plugin (or is there any other use-case?). I think, it's more a problem of the lua plugin, than the addons system in general, so the lua plugin should bring a solution itself. User moderated script repos come to my mind ...
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