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    SRV record some do not work

    Hello, not all of their customers' ISPs operate the SRV records.
    if you can not find "SRV" records automatically searches for "A" records?

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    That's what they do. But if A would work anyway, why use SRV at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by numma_cway View Post
    That's what they do. But if A would work anyway, why use SRV at all?
    bc, SRV is so much easyer to said. like e.g. "" insted of ""
    I know it is just 5 more digit. but stil, you need to have the port number in the A record any time.
    and if the dude i try to get in contant is not that good it pc and stuff. he just don't use the port number and ask why it not working.

    Like i have a short domain name, 5 digit in all, it is so sweet to send them ""

    but i have the same problem with my old SRV works fine on teamspeak before the 3.1 update.
    there can i get some good info, to make a SRV works for the new, and maybe also the old.
    bc not all have update there teamspeak jet.

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