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    Teamspeak freezing on modifying options

    TS is freezing on re-opening dialog panels.

    Most easily reproducible by setting the PTT option. On starting TS I am able to edit the PTT keybind. Changing the keybind again in the same session causes TS to freeze with the grey modal screen remaining on top of desktop, clicking within the TS frame area results in the Windows default sound. TS can only be stopped with the Task Manager.

    PTT can be changed repeatedly by running the app, editing keybind and then closing the app. More than one edit per session results in TS freezing.

    TS also freezes when other secondary panels are opened, such as poking a channel user, but not as reproducible as editing PTT binds.

    Event logs attached show errors reported by Event Viewer on starting TS and on stop via Task Manager.

    Thanks in advance
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