Hi folks,

while version 3.1 of the TeamSpeak Client is currently rolling out in a staged release, we also updated several parts of our main website TeamSpeak.com and the community forum. If you still cannot get 3.1 using the auto-updater, don't worry, it will become available for everyone over the next few days.

In addition to several content changes and bug fixes, the main site now refers to myTeamSpeak.com, the place where you create and manage your TeamSpeak account which is giving you access to our all-new cloud-based features. myTeamSpeak ensures you always have access to your bookmarked servers, identities, addons, and more. You no longer have to fumble around with the manual entry of all your TeamSpeak Server addresses and identities that you've already saved on another device. When you update a bookmark or add a new TeamSpeak identity, myTeamSpeak makes the changes everywhere automatically. Simple as that.

Also, when you're an addon developer, we strongly encourage you to apply for a developer account and publish your skins, icons, sounds, plugins and/or translations on myTeamSpeak.com. This way, users running version 3.1 or newer can use its new features to install packages directly from the TeamSpeak 3 Client settings to make sure the addon is kept up-to-date automatically.

Speaking of automation... We're now providing a neat way to check for the latest client/server releases. From now on, these two files will always contain the latest stable versions, SHA256 checksums and downloads links for our products:


While the forum update is still "in progress", you might already have noticed the fresh new look. We're also providing a simple theme for mobile devices now so hopefully there's no more zooming and pinching on your phones. If you're noticing any weird bahaviour, or just want to provide feedback, please feel free to drop us a line in the Suggestions & Feedback or Bug Reports forums.

Thank you!