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    How do I log onto MyTeamSpeak for Mac?

    Running TS3 V# which is current version.
    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

    WHERE or HOW do I log into this? There is LITTLE to NO info on this myteamspeak. How does this work? Please dev, don't just put in some feature with a splash screen telling people how great it "could" be, when there is either no way to set up, or no info out there on how to set this up.

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    You need version 3.1 of the TeamSpeak Client. We're doing a staged release so not everyone gets the update at the same time. However... you can force the update... Go to Preferences -> Application -> Update Channel and set it to Beta. After that, check for updates, install the new version and switch the setting back to Stable.

    We'll also add a dedicated section about myTeamSpeak to our website soon where we're going to explain all the features.

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