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    TS Permissions needs a simplified version...

    All I wanted to do was make a new server group, that when given would allow access to a private channel, so I can add members to the server group even if they are offline, I watched some vids, but they all seem to require complex channel group systems where I need to drag the person into the private group give them an applicable channel group, meaning I need to make sure I'm online to get everyone... there has to be a better way.

    It's nice to have a complex system, but it needs a simple version too, I don't want to watch hours of video and still not really know what is going on, it's extremely tiring, it should be simple, I'm not interested in a course for a simple group permission.

    SO anyway...
    Ignoring admins who can access it all anyway, I have 3 server groups:
    Guest (auto given)
    Normal (I give it to regulars I know, they can access all channels on the server except 1)
    Normal+ (I want this group to be able to access the 1 extra channel, they are the same as the normal group in all other respects)

    I assume the settings I need are under Channel>Access>
    I've played around with the 'Channel join power' and various other settings under that, giving a level of 51 in the channel permissions, 51 to normal+(server group) and 50 to normal(server group), but the outcome on testing is that both server groups keep all the same abilities. I either block both or neither... I can't seem to JUST get Normal+ to join and see into the private channel while leaving the normal group out.

    Is there a way to do it without having to go through the extra complexity of Channel group assignments?

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    First, be sure that both (normal and normal+) do not have a permission called b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions.
    Then, set the value of i_channel_needed_join_power to 50 in every channel except the one channel you only want normal+ to be able to join.
    This one channel you set the value of i_channel_needed_join_power to 60.
    Now you go to the servergroup permissions and make sure that the group normal has an i_channel_join_power of 50 and the group normal+ a value of 60.

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