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    Looking for ideas for new web tools


    I've made quite a few private web tools for my TeamSpeak server now and I'm looking for a new idea for a public tool to create which would be publicly usable, if you have an interesting idea for me please drop me a PM with a detailed explanation.

    Would be built in PHP and MySQL if required.

    I don't mind if it's a huge idea or just a small one, I'm not taking private script requests at all currently.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello PMPatrick1164
    How about an web interface for teamspeak chat?
    I say that it would be grate to have this option and use an php script to connect website chat to teamspeak server(with user-user chat or even user-channel chat, a kinda shoutbox)
    It's kinda easy to build one using ts3admin class made by par0noid but i am too lazy to do it and even so i have no time for it due college.
    Something similar to facebook chat with chat user-user and a channel chat(perhaps predefined by script to use a specific channel for groupchat)would be grate to the teamspeak community in my opinion and a big future for teamspeak.
    Let me know what do you think.
    Regards, Emanuel

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