I would like to have the complete list of rules, To get an addon approved.

In my case, there is an audio package I made for about 3-4 years ago.
It's called "Battlefield 3 Sound Pack" and was my first addon.
(I am also a fan of Battlefield Games)

After about 3 months from release. it was in top 3.
With over 16,000. downloads.
The most downloaded audio package at the time, was, as I recall.
"Call of Duty 4 - Souncpak" and had more than 40,000 downloads.

Back to my problem, I have now received an e-mail from myteamspeak.
Why my addon has been "rejected" again. and there were two reasons.

1: Sounds are indistinguishable
2: Sounds do not relate to the events.

If this is the way forward for myteamspeak, to have rules against our creatively.
So, I already consider stopping. Can not really see the idea of it.
People should then be allowed to choose for themselves what they want.

If all the sound pack now must Comply with the rules.
well, i will say rule number 2 will do in pretty much kun kan translations.

I understand very well that there must be some rules for addons.
and a "security" checks of our addon is only good.
It helps to give it great credibility in what we do.

I better stop here before I write too much.
and my English is not very good.

Best StregKoden. (Back in the days "RiessDK")